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The WizPak™ is a first-to-market patented Smart Backpack that is a true vision of wearable technology. Being able to take your music on the go while ensuring portable power to all your smart devices is key to today’s busy students, young professionals and all individuals with an active lifestyle. The WizPak™ is a 4-in-1 Smart Bag which allows you to go to the beach, the gym, the boat, dance studio, park or classroom and enjoy your favorite tunes. The quality and concept behind the WizPak™ is a blend of Apple®, Bose® and Gucci® in nature. The WizPak™ aspires to be a lifestyle luxury icon among celebrity personalities and the emerging youth of today. Being able to stay connected to friends, family and loved ones is becoming increasingly more important as people become more mobile.

The WizPak™ is the perfect companion to give people the ability to have the highest quality sound in unconventional environments. Enjoy precision audio for your favorite movies, songs and games. The WizPak™ is also a great educational tool to help students that are using advanced technologies to engage in their everyday school life. Being able to listen to audio books or having the proper sound set up for your presentations is a breeze with the WizPak™. Simple cord connections tailored into the WizPak™ allow you to easily plug in all the latest smart devices for the power you need when you want it.

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