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 “Patti Bruno Rivero is the mastermind behind the company that creates one-of-a-kind camo and denim jackets. She designs what I like to call “modern day charm bracelets.” Meaning, she takes everything you love and adore and sews them into a creative, eye- catching piece of clothing.

Patti can attach patches, broaches, pins, lace and just about anything else your heart desires. The best part? All of her work is rooted in vintage and she doesn’t alter the jackets in any way. They’re kept completely in tact, as an ode to the soldiers who wore them.

Instead, she re-purposes them: giving new life and a fresh perspective on an already intriguing garment. When it comes to what you can put on the jacket, Patti says: “it’s all about the placement.”  She doesn’t overdo it, striking the perfect balance between bedazzle and understated beauty.

If you’re into something custom made, you can shop off her racks and still find something special. Although she refuses certain themes, nothing is ever duplicated. That’s definitely refreshing, given the fact we’re in a time where finding something unique to wear is almost impossible.”

--- Shireen Sandoval, Deco Drive, 7 News Miami


Josie Bruno Vintage, one of a kind bespoke jackets have been seen on J.Lo, Dwyane Wade, Usain Bolt, Tyson Beckford and Rocky Barnes

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